Our Services

Guten Lifesciences is focused on providing specialized and differentiated services to its customers. We leverage our niche blend of scientific expertise, process rigor, strong business knowledge and access to global networks to provide custom made solutions and services to our customers

Business Development and Licensing

By virtue of our diverse experience across functions like sales and marketing, business development, licensing and strategic sourcing, we are uniquely poised to help our customers grow, expand and improve margins through:

  • Licensing of products

  • Acquisition of strategic assets

  • Sourcing of products

  • Co-development deals

  • Marketing partnerships

  • Distribution agreements

  • Royalty based value added deals

  • Cost of goods optimization projects

We work as a partner of choice for several pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies in North America, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and South and South East Asia. This helps us connect companies with complementary business needs

We have the resources to identify opportunities that match our customer’s needs, we have the capability to conduct thorough due diligence and we have the experience to help structure business deals. We manage deals right from identification to closure and we partner with customers every step of the way to help make the right decision, at the right time

API and Ingredients Sourcing

Guten team members have several years of experience in sourcing of niche API and excipients across the world. We only work with the highest quality suppliers and we do a comprehensive check before we partner with any supplier

Guten Lifesciences has access to specialized drug coating solutions, taste masking solutions and specific flavors, which can be used by our customers to develop niche and differentiated products with unique appeals in their markets of choice

Our relationships with suppliers and knowledge of the market allows us to provide significant competitive advantages to our customers. We can offer flexible purchasing and forward contract solutions to help our customers plan long-term and save both costs and time

Regulatory Affairs

In order to drive fixed costs down, many life science organizations are moving towards an outsourced model for functions like regulatory affairs. This helps organizations focus on core competencies and take advantage of cost efficiencies

Guten Lifesciences provides end-to-end global regulatory services which include:

  • Development of regulatory strategy

  • Writing of regulatory dossiers

  • Labeling management

  • Dossier maintenance

Our regulatory specialists offer strategic, technical and operational expertise throughout the project and help in filing of marketing approvals to authorities in U.S., Canada, Europe and ROW markets. We also help our customers with preparation for regulatory agency meetings

Supply Chain Solutions

We are committed to helping our customers maximize value for their customers and shareholders. We help to plan, design and implement sustainable solutions to significantly improve operational efficiencies. This is achieved through use of principles borrowed from lean management, six sigma and theory of constraints.

Guten Lifesciences provides end-to-end global supply chain solutions which include:

  • Business process engineering

  • Demand forecasting and inventory management

  • Production planning and scheduling

  • Distribution optimization and management

  • Strategic sourcing

  • Warehouse design and management

  • ERP related IT consultation

Entry Strategy for Indian Market

Expanding into a new market is a challenging task, especially for companies which are not from the region. Other than factual information, getting a real feel of the market, interacting with influencers and understanding the business culture is of paramount importance. Guten Lifesciences provides innovative solutions which include real interactions with industry stakeholders, such as potential buyers, distributors, retailers, industry associations and government bodies.

Our market entry services can be grouped into three phases:

Supported by practical experience, we not only answer questions on market opportunity, prevailing competition, regulatory barriers, pricing and distribution channels, but also provide leads for qualified business partners.

Our team specializes in formulating appropriate market entry strategies, taking into consideration both short term and long term goals, strategic priorities, size of investment, risk appetite, industry growth curve and best practices. We develop an actionable business plan with recommendations for product, pricing, positioning and distribution channels.

We do not end with strategy and business plan. We actually help implementing what we propose. This is how we differentiate from our competition. We provide all necessary support till the customer is able to set up the business. Our business plan implementation services include:

  • incorporation of legal entity

  • recruitment of key executives

  • setting up a supply chain network

  • establishing the brand

  • identifying right business partners

Characterization of Complex Biopharmaceuticals

Accurate characterization of biologics and recombinant biopharmaceuticals is critical for obtaining regulatory approvals for these molecules. This involves significant capital investments for equipments, quality systems and specialized resources

Guten Lifesciences works with a partner company to offer comprehensive characterization services for:


  • Monoclonal antibodies

  • Peptides

  • Glycosylated proteins

  • Non-glycosylated proteins

We work with our partner company to offer cutting-edge analytical facilities required for characterization of biologics in an ICH compliant, fully auditable facility