Our Products

Our specialty division works with small to medium sized manufacturers, across the world, to offer a product portfolio covering a wide range of therapeutic categories including:
  • oncology

  • cardiovascular health

  • infectious disease management

  • psychotics

  • anti-diabetics

  • anti-pyretics

  • wound management

  • anti-coagulants

  • anti-virals

  • dermatology

  • pain management

  • women’s health

Our nutraceutical division specializes in offering niche supplements and probiotics sourced from European and North American manufacturers

We are committed to ensure that the products offered through us are manufactured in facilities that are modern, world class and are approved by USFDA, Health Canada or European Health Authorities. All our products are manufactured in strict compliance with cGMP norms and undergo rigorous and stringent quality testing before being released to market

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