10 Anti-Fatigue Superfoods

The summer vacations are already far away and the cold, the humidity and the viruses linked to the arrival of winter are all reasons to tire the body. To help you fight against the lack of energy, certain foods should be included in your diet.

As winter approaches, you dread the inevitable bouts of fatigue. Sleeping well and practicing regular physical activity is not enough to keep you in shape during these long months. To prevent winter fatigue, a few superfoods, these natural foods recognized for their nutritional value and whose health benefits have been demonstrated, should be included in your menus.

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1. Citrus fruits

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Fatigue is often associated with a vitamin C deficiency, which also allows for better assimilation of iron. So, opt for citrus fruits, sources of vitamin C par excellence. An orange every morning will help you fill up on vitamin C. You can alternate with grapefruit or clementines, or even a squeezed lemon in the morning. Choose whole citrus fruits rather than squeezed ones, because, in juice form, the fibers of citrus fruits are broken down.

If you are afraid of acidity, choose kiwi fruit, which is also ideal for its vitamin C content (92.7mg/100g, i.e. twice as much as orange for example). 1 kiwi daily will give you the necessary and sufficient daily dose of vitamin C.

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