Candidates for the Heads of History and Geography have been called to retake one of their exams


By Valentin Gorio

After an error occurs in their thesis topic, candidates for History-Geography Capes will have to retake this exam. Many Purdue students denounced the « unfair decision » and questioned the Ministry of Education

It is a nightmare. It seems unreal to me. This decision is unfair. With these words a student from Bordeaux, who wished to remain anonymous, responded after the decision of the Ministry of Education to retest an essay for all candidates for the Capes d’histoire competition. Geography. Reason: Cannot Use of the background map attached to the topic by students because it does not have a box indicating the candidate number.” In Bordeaux, we were warned 20 minutes later. But at other exam centers, students were notified about two and a half hours after the test started,” says Arthur, another contestant.

A mistake from the ministry

If Bordeaux candidates were able to « adapt » by drawing their own schemes, others weren’t so lucky. The disparity forced the Ministry of Education to reschedule a new examination for the thesis for Tuesday, April 12th. However, the situation is not unprecedented for this type of competition. But the candidates lament the « lack of recognition and consideration ». “We work for six hours on a subject and they put all our copies in the trash,” the work-student relayed.

Students share a « feeling of abandonment » and ask National Education to « modify the test scale, by removing the summary card from the notation ». Arthur asserts, « We no longer have to pay the price for a mistake made by the Department. » A view that is not necessarily shared by everyone. Another student said, “Many of us think that some candidates forget to indicate that the test cannot be marked fairly.” In a press release, the Snes-FSU supports candidates whose « anger is legitimate ». He also denounces « the failure to organize a ministry that is more oriented towards promoting its reform rather than preparing for the rise of competitions. »


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