Worldle, Wordle is one of the countries that you will love if you are a fan of geography


If you love discovering the countries of the world and their maps, then this game is perfect for you. We tell you all about Worldle.

Wordle is a word game that became trendy a few weeks ago and is also the inspiration for the game we want to recommend in this article. Its name is Worldle and you will love it if you are a fan of geography. Its work is very simple: every day you will have to guess the name of the country that appears on the map.

It looks like a simple game, but the truth is that it presents us with real challenges on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are several attempts and the game helps us by giving us some clues when we fail. Then we will tell you all the details of this free geography game.

Worldle mobile game Worldle mobile game

The Worldle is a free game that you will love if you love geography.

Worldle, a game for geography lovers

Wordle’s popularity has boosted the creation of other games with similar mechanisms based on other fields of knowledge. Worldle is the one who’s been « connecting » us lately. Do not confuse it with Wordle, because there is an « l » separating the two names.

If we pay attention to the name, we see that it consists of the word « world », which in Spanish means the world. This is a very large guide to how the game works, since it mainly consists of guessing the name of the country on the map that we see on the screen. It is a daily game, every day you have to guess which country is hiding behind the silhouette.

We’ve been playing Worldle for several weeks now, and the truth is the challenge is really complicated some days. To simplify the task, the game itself gives us three clues: how many kilometers separate the country we wrote from the one on the map, the direction we have to go to find the solution, and a percentage that shows how close you are to solving the puzzle.

Pay attention, it should be noted that the names of the countries available in the list are written in English. When you enter it in the text field, you should not put « Philippines », but rather « Philippines ». You have 6 attempts to find the correct country name. If you have exhausted all of them, the game itself will show you the solution.

Worldle, Wordle is one of the countries that you will love if you are a fan of geography

Thanks to the gear button, in the upper right corner, you can increase the complexity of the task. On the one hand, you can hide the country image, and on the other hand, you can randomly rotate the silhouette. This way, finding the country hidden behind the map will cost you more.

Moreover, in Worldle, you can also locate the country on the map by clicking on the “Show on Google Maps” option. Thus, the Google app will open and you will be able to find out where this country whose name does not sound familiar to you is located. You can also see the stats of all the games you created from the same device.

Worldle is a free game that you can play from your smartphone, tablet or computer. If you’re a « crack » in this geography, feel free to try your luck. When you guess the country, you can share the score with your friends to compete together.

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