Why does Russia support Hitler’s « Jewish blood » conspiracy thesis


Moscow accused Israel on Tuesday Support for the neo-Nazi regime in Kyivwhich drove the point home after Russia’s diplomatic chief resumed a conspiracy theory about Adolf Hitler’s alleged « Jewish blood. »

« We have paid attention to the anti-historical statements of (Israeli) Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, which largely explain the current government’s decision to support the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv »The Russian diplomat said in a statement. “History unfortunately knows tragic examples of cooperation between Jews and Nazis.”The statement added.

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And on Sunday evening, during a long conversation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr « Zelensky makes this argument: How could Nazism exist (in Ukraine) if he himself was a Jew. I may be wrong, but Hitler’s blood was also Jewish »Lavrov was fired on Sunday evening, in an interview with Italian media.

The use of Jewish genocide as a political tool must stop immediately

Naftali Bennett, Israeli Prime Minister

Israel condemns ‘horrific historical error’

Hitler’s alleged « Jewish blood » is a conspiracy theory that historians treat with skepticism. The reactions from the Israeli government did not last long.

« Minister Lavrov’s statements are outrageous, unforgivable and a terrible historical mistake. »He had condemned his Israeli counterpart Yasser Lapid on Monday, explaining that the Russian ambassador to Israel had been summoned « to obtain clarifications. »
« No war can compare to the Holocaust… The use of the genocide of the Jews as a political tool must end immediately »For his part, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett denounced it.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi was sentenced on Monday night « outliers » Mr. Lavrov’s words. « The part about Hitler is really obscene. »commented.

On Tuesday, Russian diplomacy once again reiterated these arguments, saying that « The president’s (Zelensky) Jewish origin does not guarantee protection from the rampant neo-Nazism in the country. By the way, Ukraine is not alone in this case. »citing Latvian President Eagles Levits, who « He also has Jewish roots and he also covers (…) the rehabilitation of the Waffen-SS in his country ».

In Latvia, the memory of the Nazi occupation and then the Soviet

Moscow also accuses Jerusalem To ignore the epidemic of destruction and desecration of antiquities for the benefit of the real world: The Red Army Soldiers Who Stopped the Holocaust and Saved the Jewish WorldHe appears to be comparing anti-Semitism to « Russian fear » in Ukraine.

The origin of Hitler’s « Jewish blood » theory

The words of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov refer to rumors born before World War II due to the mysterious identity of the Nazi dictator’s grandfather.

His father was Alois « He was born fornication and his predecessor is unknown. »explains Austrian historian Roman Sandgruber, who last year wrote the first biography of the father, who was born in 1837 and died in 1903 when Hitler was 14 years old.
It was in the 1920s, the time of the rise of the founder of the National Socialist Party “There has been speculation that he may be of Jewish descent.”sponsored by his political opponents and cemented by his rise to power in 1933.

Then, after the war, a Nazi criminal revived the theory. In his memoirs « Facing the Gallows » published in 1953, several years after his execution, Hans Frank, the Reichsleiter (governor) of the Nazi Party, nicknamed « the executioner of Poland », claimed to have secretly investigated the origins of Adolf Hitler at his request.

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« It must have been at the end of the 1930’s. I was called up. » By Hitler who claimed to be a victim « hateful blackmail » From nephew around « Jewish blood runs in his veins »He wrote, according to excerpts broadcast at the time by the German magazine Der Spiegel.
Then Hans Frank conducted his investigation and said that he discovered that Maria Anna Schicklgruber, the Führer’s paternal grandmother, gave birth to a boy, Alois, while he was working as a cook in a Jewish family named Frankenberger in the Austrian city of Graz.

The former Nazi governor said his boss would then pay him alimony until the child was 14, with an exchange of letters supposedly establishing parentage.

no historical evidence

According to the account given by Adolf Hitler, his grandmother and future husband, Johann Hiedler, were going to convince the already interested party of his father to snatch money from him.

Historians, for their part, have received these elements with skepticism. When the facts are revealed, « Jews have no right to reside in Graz »Roman Sandgruber comments who does not see ‘There is no conclusive evidence’ Supporting Adolf Hitler’s Jewish Origins Thesis.

« Who was Hitler’s grandfather really? That’s an unanswered question. »Ofer Ederet, a columnist for the Israeli daily Haaretz, summarizes it in an article published on Monday.

Some reported that these allegations were An attempt by the Nazis to provide an explanation for their defeat in World War IIhe is referring to.
« Others have asserted that his persecution of the Jews resulted from the shame he felt for his Jewish origin. But the truth is that there is no historical evidence for any of that. »concludes Mr. Aderet.

Russia’s exploitation of the « Great Patriotic War »

However, the Kremlin’s rhetoric under Vladimir Putin made World War II a cornerstone of its ideology, in defiance of historical truth. So much so that, to justify the invasion of Ukraine, Russia repeatedly wanted to « disarm » and « disarm » Ukraine to justify the invasion.

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In an interview with Agence France-Presse, Russian historian Galia Ackermann explained that Putin changed his outlook on Victory Day (Celebrated on May 9 to commemorate the Nazi surrender, editor’s note) At the center of the new Russian identity.

The author of « The Immortal Regiment, Putin’s Holy War, » explains that this has consequences. “If you say that the victory over Nazism is the central event in Soviet history, then those who won represent the ultimate good, which is wrong because it was the fight between two northern regimes. Not to confuse the achievement of the Soviet people who fought for their country with Stalin’s imperial goals.

If you take this graph and you have the victors personifying good and the vanquished personifying evil, then the person who was the leader of these forces of good cannot be a bad man or a criminal. He, too, must embody goodness. That is why Stalin had to be rehabilitated at all costs. ”

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