This spring, give yourself a moment of relaxation thanks to decotherapy!


Do you know what decotherapy is? Find out the details in this section and see how the session goes!

Being a combination of psychology and feng-shui, elimination therapy is an effective way to improve well-being.

How do I do ? It’s just to decorate your home or change the location of your furniture. The goal is to do it yourself, to give you that feeling of relaxation!

What is the dislocation treatment by itself?

Decotherapy is A method invented by Frank Dupuy in 2005. They are basically decorating or redecorating your home. But what is the purpose of this session? The ergonomic architect created this method to eliminate bad vibes and thus enhance your posture. It is a method that ensures the well-being of its practitioners.

The decoration is focused on meeting the needs of the occupants. The result should serve the well-being of the people who live there. The practitioner must create An environment in which he feels comfortable and safe. A place where he can escape to forget his worries from everyday life for a while. Decotherapy aims at mental health above all else.

Soak it daily it will have More than a huge positive effect on our minds. This method leads us to counterbalance negative tendencies. We easily get rid of stress to feel comfortable.

The treatment will also strengthen your inner being. It is possible to decorate by establishing an emotional connection with the environment. For example, using old family furniture that we give a second life to. These can evoke good memories and add spirit to the decoration. Beautiful memories will appear and will give you incomparable luxury..

Ask for help from an interior designer

Do you know feng shui? It’s an art from China for him The purpose of reconciling the energy of a calming environment or room. The idea is the same as decotherapy. With the slight difference that decotherapy is a way to personalize a space by decorating it in its image to get luxury.

For the treatment to be effective, it is essential that you take your time. You should do your session step by step, without rushing. Otherwise, you will have the opposite of the expected result. revisit your home, See what changes you want to makes. Is it at the level of color or decorative objects or furniture.

If you are not sure where to start, there is healers Who can guide you. These professionals will help you choose your comfortable and safe environment. To achieve this, they will help you develop your senses like touch, smell, and hearing. Although dislocation therapy has proven itself for well-being, some psychologists oppose this method.

If you show signs of distress or depression, it is no longer a matter of throwing out the treatment. Decotherapy is definitely effective, but It just makes you feel good Not the mind. In these major cases, it is advisable to go to psychoanalysts or psychologists. You may need medication to treat your discomfort.

How to succeed in your treatment to improve your health?

If you decide to do it yourself, here are some tips that will come in handy. Step one, find your style. It is important that your home looks like you. It’s a good method to express your personality. Do not forget to put a touch of comfort because in your home you should be more comfortable and safe. Luxury comes first from the way you conduct your affairs in your home and the style you like.

The second step, arrange your home. Sort your belongings and get rid of what you no longer need. Screening is a very effective way to de-stress. Stimulate your senses. In a positive and non-aggressive way for a better quality of life and good health. Choose fun materials that generate fun. Don’t forget to create feelings with your things. Things of sentimental value will revive your memories and create well-being.


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