Lyons. Drowning in a coma after choking a sausage: a ‘miracle’ happens


Mylene is a miracle. She came out of a coma as doctors ordered her to remain in a coma.
Mylene is a miracle. She came out of a coma as doctors ordered her to remain in a coma. (© DR)

It’s a miracle. At least, a miracle recognized by the Catholic Church and Pope Francis himself in 2020. So how do you doubt that? In any case, the story of little Maylin is not trivial. Sentenced to certain death after choking on sausage, she came back to life.

Then 3 years later, Mylene Tran will see her life change in an instant. His parents still live in Lyon in 2012. On May 29, the Tran family is preparing to move to Mandelieu-la-Napoule (Alpes-Maritimes).

« Mylene reaching behind my back, shaving it in her hands »

A few friends were invited for an aperitif dinner. The meal is ready, parents call their children to eat. Mylene only arrived but she’s not hungry… »She doesn’t want it but we insist, we give her a little sausage to take when she’s leaving to settle on the sofa, » wrote her father, Emmanuel Tran, author of « It’s Miraculously Concluded. »

Barely time to open a bottle of wine, tragedy occurs. “Suddenly, Mylene came after me, shaving her into her hands. She no longer spoke, stamped with her feet, set foot on the ground like a child having a tantrum, but no sound came out of her mouth. She immediately realized that she was suffocating.”

« I’m not sure his heart could lock up »

Mylene was taken to the hospital. the situation is dangerous. During the night, the doctor on duty comes to speak to the parents: “We are not sure that she can survive the night … We are not sure that her heart can hold.”

On the initiative of a classmate’s mother Maylene, a novena through the intercession of Pauline Garricott is recited by all the children of her school for the cure of the little girl. “She thinks very quickly to entrust it to Pauline Garricott, Lyonnais, at the origin of the work to spread the faith and which 2012 has been the year of the jubilee since we celebrated the 150th anniversary of her death.”

A novena is a prayer recited for a period of nine days with a specific intention. This is a step we never took. But why not. We take it all. Anything can fuel our hope of saving Maelen.

Emmanuel TranMaylin’s father

Everyone prayed to Pauline Garricott for Mayleen’s return

Little by little, everyone around her begins to participate. Everyone is praying for Mylene to come out of the coma. Mylene’s father wrote: « Some members of our family, parents of students and the Christian community of Lyon are praying and sharing this novena with us, for Mylene without our knowledge. »

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On July 2, 2012, Mylene was taken to Nice by ambulance. She is still in a coma.. but during the flight a miracle will happen.

Pauline Garricott was beatified in Lyon on May 22

“The nurses arrived and Mylene appeared on a stretcher, lying down, motionless, as we had left her the day before in Lyon, but we realize something: she is different. It is impossible to describe, but she is very different. His eyes, his pupils, sparkle, and life sparkles!”

It’s unbelievable, Mayleen came out of a coma. This miracle is attributed to Pauline Garricott. Pope Francis attributed to him the miraculous healing of young Mylene in 2020, which opened for him the beatification process, which will be celebrated in Lyon on May 22, 2022.

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