How Churchill understood the danger of Hitler so early


In the 1930s, Churchill was unpopular on the fringes of his day. It is considered unexpected when he supports King Edward VIII in his desire to marry a dually divorced American commoner. This sparked a protest among the deputies and the king would be forced to abdicate in favor of his brother, who would later bring his niece Elizabeth II to the throne.

Another sector where Churchill out step: India situation. While the political class was fairly pacifist, he criticizes Gandhi, saying it was « disturbing and nauseating » to see this « poor half-naked negotiating on an equal footing with the representative of the emperor the king ». He is officially opposed to anything that could weaken the empire. It does not go with the flow of history It is in this period that decolonization is taking shape, and when India, as of 1935, is gaining autonomy.

But if there is already a topic it is in ahead of timeIt’s Nazi Germany. He realized very early and with great insight how dangerous Hitler was.

Germany, the destined enemy

read my struggle from 1925, which takes the measure of the anti-Semitism and destructive will of the future Fuhrer. He quickly understands that no concessions should be made to this man, nothing to gain from him. He is accused of being Manuibut in the face of a character like Hitler, not focusing exactly on the nuances and respecting the given word, Kahn, history will show, it’s not wrong to be.
Hitler seized power in 1933 Germany is rearming. In the face of this, the policy of the British government, led by Neville Chamberlain, the Conservative Prime Minister, is one of appeasement. and Churchill, This is complacency revolution. He is even ready to overcome Bolshevism’s deep antipathy to him An alliance with the Soviet UnionWho in his isolation moved away from partisan struggles was not spared his criticism.

He hits his fist on the table when signing for Munich Agreements In September 1938. To avoid war, the United Kingdom and France agreed to Germany Annexation of the Sudetenland. “They had to choose between shame and war. Choose shame, and you will go to war,” Churchill stated, which would, as we know, be visual.

Churchill fulfilled his destiny during the war

In March 1939Hitler occupied the rest of Czechoslovakia and six months later invaded Poland which pushed, no longer an option, the United Kingdom and France into conflict. Then Churchill is summoned to the government. A quarter of a century after his first term, he returned to the position of head of the Ministry of the Navy. Legend has it that the General Staff was going to send a telegram to the fleet indicating Winston is back.

These first months of clashes, known as Funny war Churchill does not succeed. His attack was on Germany, which occupied Norway for reasons related to the supply of crude A miserable failure. But this does not affect his popularity with fellow citizens who see him as a possible successor to the highly criticized Chamberlain in his abilities To lead the country at a time like this.

On May 10, 1940, Churchill succeeded Chamberlain as Prime Minister at the age of 65. he feels to fulfill his destinyas if his past life was « just an adaptation for this moment and this ordeal ».

He is defending his country

Since the summer of 1940 and in order to demoralize England, which refused any compromise, Germany rained torrents of bombs on London, Coventry, Plymouth, Birmingham and Liverpool. But the British pilots defended themselves, established themselves in the skies, and fought back in Germany during Churchill snarls his speechesThere he finds the title of a lion. And people still support him. calendar : Hitler failed to conquer the island Throwing himself on the Soviet Union, there he violated the non-aggression pact.

Russia enters the war just like the United States, which has been neutral thus far after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Churchill rubs his hands. He did well to hold on, and the allies he hoped to have won so much: Stalin and Roosevelt. This marriage of convenience between these men will work out well. On May 8, 1945, Churchill announced to his country that Germany had surrendered. « This is your victory! »He announces in front of a large crowd cheering him, and this answers him: « No, it’s yours! ».

insight In the face of Nazi Germany, his determinism and rhetoric drove him to the top when his country and the world needed him most.

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