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( – The Paris Stock Exchange is expected to open lower again Thursday morning, struggling at the start of the week from investor concerns about tensions in Ukraine.

At about 8:15 am, the “future” contract on the CAC 40 index – February delivery – fell 17.5 points to 6,947 points, announcing a moderate decline at the start of the session.

After a few signs of calming in recent days, market participants continue to watch recent geopolitical developments with concern.

The development of the situation seems to encourage some caution, as yesterday the White House expressed serious doubts about the reality of the withdrawal of Russian forces stationed on the Ukrainian border.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Moscow has never stopped following its military exercises and stressed that it sees no sign of de-escalation on the ground.

He added that this situation resembles the « new normal » for Europe, dashing any hope for a smooth solution to the crisis, » the reaction of this morning’s Deutsche Bank teams.

These still very strong tensions in Eastern Europe contribute to stabilizing oil prices, with a barrel of US Light Sweet Crude (WTI) remaining at multi-year highs.

At the beginning of the week, you should look for certain values ​​such as gold or the yen in particular.

The price of gold, the traditional safe haven, is once again heading higher, moving to its highest levels in nearly a year.

In addition to the geopolitical concerns related to the Ukraine conflict, there are continuing concerns about the potential for rapid monetary tightening in the United States.

Investors – very concerned about a sharp rise in inflation – are also concerned about the strength of key activity indicators, which only reinforces the Fed’s restrictive bias.

Today in the United States, they will learn the latest numbers on residential real estate, the Philadelphia Fed Index as well as traditional filings for unemployment benefits.

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