A study showed that French employees suffer


According to this just-published study, some occupations, such as those in the hotel and restaurant industry, are in the lead.

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Are you currently experiencing psychological difficulty? 49% of private sector employees answer yes to this question posed by Alan, a company that provides solutions related to well-being in businesses, and Harris Interactive. Young employees are more likely to say they are experiencing difficulties: 61% of 18-24 year olds. Where do these difficulties come from? The study talks about stress, workload and staff shortages. In addition, the excessive indulgence that digital tools allow can cause fatigue. Three-quarters of employees surveyed by Alan say they are tired. Here, too, the numbers are slightly higher among the younger ones.

In some professions, the situation is even more serious. This is first and foremost the condition of workers in cafes, hotels and restaurants. 52% of them say they are currently experiencing psychological difficulties at work. So much so that three-quarters of them want to change position, company or retrain. They point to excessive pressure from the hierarchy, internal organizational problems and poor balance between personal and professional life.

Another bad, small and medium business executives. For them, malaise at work is a common phenomenon. 73% of them already experienced it and 48% experienced fatigue, stress, loss of motivation and anxiety. This is about ten points higher than the average for private sector employees. In question, in particular, moments of high pressure, difficulties in separating ambitious goals. Fortunately, they do more physical activities than others to regain their balance.

Another sector affected: digital. 76% of digital employees have experienced a traumatic mental episode and 50% are experiencing it today. They complain of feeling isolated and losing a sense of their profession. If we’re not on the trend of the massive resignations observed in the US — in March, 4.5 million workers left, a record number — the study notes that 75% of employees want to tackle everything. 73% have less desire to work and 71% want a profound change, such as a change of job, company or retraining.


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