The first thing you see in the photo will reveal your personality.


Today, the web is full of psychological tests, but those that play on the ambiguity of human perception are the most authentic. For fun, as if to reveal surprising details about your personality, discover a very curious personality test based on trompe-l’oeil. be careful ! Don’t stare too much at pictures and start with the first connection that comes to mind.

Psychological personality test What do you see in the picture?

2 crocodile or bird

two crocodiles

If you see two alligators with their mouths open, you are probably the type who shouldn’t be left. That is, you want to keep the situation under control. Guided by your entrepreneurial spirit, you tend to be overcommitted and take charge of everything. But this does not mean that you are somewhat tyrannical. Quite the opposite – you are a real leader, attentive to the needs of others.


You wander the steep and arduous paths of this life, which take you to the stars. Admittedly, you have your own opinion, but your diplomatic spirit always leads you to look for a compromise in a situation. Thus, you often end up giving in to other people’s opinions. It should come as no surprise, then, that outspokenness and sociability are your defining personality traits.

Reliable Idea Personality Test Optical Illusion Psychology

Lion or strange bird


The lion is known to symbolize strength and boldness. If you first saw this animal, then most likely you are the bearer of these two very valuable and useful traits of the modern world. You are not afraid to go into the depths of things and face your own problems and your deepest nature.

strange bird

You walk recklessly through life and in some situations seem a bit irresponsible. However, these small flaws are very specific to people with a creative spirit and those who want to change the world for the better.

Psychological and optical illusion test What do you see in the picture?

duck or rabbit

a duck

If poultry is the first thing you see in the picture above, it is safe to assume that emotion prevails in your attitude towards life. Somewhat impulsive, you tend to make decisions based on the moment. Likewise, your mood is changing and you find it difficult to control your emotions.


You are well aware that any action has consequences. You make decisions based on the logic of things. But that doesn’t make you a cold or unemotional person.

Psychology Optical Illusion Test a dog's tail or muzzle

Dog muzzle or paw and tail


Detecting the muzzle first means that you perceive the image in the normal and logical way. That is, from left to right. This does not automatically mean that you are an ordinary person, but rather that you have a rational and consistent attitude to life. You have a natural tendency to logically observe reality and make reasonable decisions. However, we are sure that when you got to the right side of the picture, you analyzed it in reverse, only to discover the silhouette of a dog’s paw and tail.

dog paw and tail

However, if you analyze the image from right to left, you may have noticed some ambiguities. The spirit of originality is your strong point. The logic is there when making any decision, but you often come forward in a very creative way.

Batman or Wolverine personality test based on optical illusion

Wolverine or two from Batman

Here is a small arc for Marvel and DC followers. If Wolverine jumped at you first, there’s no doubt that you fell in love with Tony Stark, admired Capitan America’s great stamina, or admired Wolverine’s cool looks. If you take a look at the two mirror images of Batman, we can bet you love the streets of Gotham City. Is the Dark Knight one of the best superhumans?

The principle of this personality test

Optical illusions are of particular interest to psychologists. In particular it is used for a better knowledge of the human brain. In fact, vision is a sense that goes beyond the simple perception of objects by the retina. Once the eye perceives it, the brain must interpret the visual information. He is entrusted with the task of recognizing, identifying and naming the object of perception. In this line of thinking, the optical ambiguity of optical illusions is used to delve deeper into the subconscious. Thus, one gets a better knowledge of the way a person perceives the world around him. That’s why we like these psychological tests.

Psychology tests spots and optical illusions trompe l'oeil


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