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When Blaise Pascal died in 1662, his family and friends were deeply embarrassed. The mathematical philosopher left a set of small papers in which he noted various ideas, from the perspective of a large book. But what do you do with these parts without any order or sequence, being quickly copied and pasted into an album? Three and a half centuries later, We faced the same situation, the same questions, the same doubts. Jean-Luc Joly, academic specializing in Georges Peric, who, along with a few others, is responsible for the editorial says Introductions. Questions so complex that it took forty years to publish them.

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In 1982, after the death of the author Things (Juilliard, 1965), one hundred and thirty-three envelopes sealed with wax were found in his office, rue Linyi, in Paris. These are leftovers preliminaries, This massive project spanned over a dozen years (1969-1980), but it was dropped by Beric along the way. In each envelope, handwritten or typewritten texts, sometimes photographs, flyers, and letters. In 1969, the writer chose twelve places in the capital, and decided to assign to each two texts a year for twelve years, one written on the spot, the other from memory, after a turn determined by a mathematical figure, which is orthogonal Latin. bi-square of order 12. Twelve years later, the writer hoped to have in his hands two hundred and eighty-eight envelopes and read « The Trace of Triple Aging: Those in the Same Places, My Memories, and the Memories of My Writing ».

The cuff turns into a jacket

Less than half of the planned scripts were written. At first, Beric respected his protocol, visiting his twelve places every year and making himself the writer of their development: Belleville’s hand-delivered bulldozers, his original street which had disappeared … He also took advantage of the fact that nothing was published at once to note very special memories at times. But after three years, the restriction turns into a restriction. Perec accumulates delays. It stopped for about two years. resumes. Botched some descriptions. At the end of 1975, he surrendered, then opened some envelopes and published in magazines a series of already written descriptions.

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George Perek has disappeared, so what can we conclude from all this? The first to inventory the office on Linyi Street, his ex-wife left the envelopes still sealed. A few years later, Ella Pennfield, the cousin whom Beric considered her sister, decided to unlock everything with the help of academic Philip Lejeune, a specialist in intimate writing. at Memory and pervert. Biography of George Beric (Paul, 1991), the latter gives a first glimpse into the contents of the envelopes, and wonders: Will we be able to publish? Introductions ? » How to appear under the name Perec This incomplete heap. to any “We will inevitably have to impose a form and an order which he would not have chosen.” ? And what had the right to reveal the words that Beric had written only because he was certain he was in control of the eventual disclosure of them? Over the following decades, mysterious envelopes that can only be accessed by shards acquire a legendary dimension. Perek fans are losing patience. Rights holders are hesitant. Until the day Ela Bienenfeld gives her consent in principle to publish this project.

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