Couple: What if your partner is a narcissistic pervert? Here are 10 signs you should be aware of…


by Jessica Morens

Narcissistic deviants can hide anywhere… So how can we make sure that the person who shares our lives with us is not trying to harm and control us? Fortunately, there are some signs that are unmistakable. explanations.

We are talking more and more about narcissistic perverts in recent years. Although the term is relatively recent, this behavior has always existed. But be warned, just because your ex wasn’t nice to you doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a narcissistic pervert. We shouldn’t put everyone in the same basket and misuse this expression. In fact, a man (or woman) who is very angry or seductive is not necessarily one…

But suddenly, what is a narcissistic pervert?

A man or woman who suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder. As a result, he will have personality traits that reach extremes, to the point of breaking out of the social norm to enter the field of psychiatry.

A perverted narcissist is often charismatic and sociable but also liked and respected by others. The problem is that he practices mental manipulation on his victim, often his romantic partner, who finds himself under his control.

Because he is sympathetic to others, victims of a perverted narcissist often find it difficult to talk about him to those around them, who do not necessarily believe in them. Thus, the deviant narcissist isolates his victim and loses his self-confidence…

How do you recognize a perverted narcissist?

But how do you know if the person you share your life with is one? Several signs should be taken into consideration and can help you identify them. This way you can avoid toxic relationships in the future or get out of a relationship you are in.

First of all, narcissistic personality disorder is most often affected by men, but it also happens to women. These people are generally friendly, attractive and can even be reserved.

If they are hard to spot, it’s because they look like Prince Charming, the perfect companion. But there are clearly certain signs that could betray their behavior as a narcissistic pervert.

Here are the 10 signs that you are a perverted narcissist

  1. It isolates you from your loved ones
  2. has two faces
  3. constantly lies
  4. He has no sympathy
  5. He’s a great seducer
  6. It’s violent
  7. blowing hot and cold
  8. He is paranoid
  9. He often talks about money
  10. His sexual practices are unconventional


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