Be extra vigilant about wildlife in the spring


Now that spring has come, the flowers have bloomed, the trees are full, and the wildlife is back.

« So it’s springtime, everything comes back to life, the trees are green, and the food sources for wildlife are more and more abundant, » said Kara Nitschke. Nitschke is a wildlife biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

The abundance of food can lead to more interaction with the wildlife in your neighborhood.

« It’s important to remember that wildlife seeks three things: food, water, or shelter, » Nitschke tells Lindsay Tuman of Good Day Atlanta. « We are unknowingly providing food sources for these animals, especially for these animals that sometimes wake up in urban and suburban settings in search of an easy meal. »

At this time of year, it may include black bears that end their hibernation. Last year, people in Sandy Springs, Norcross, and Cherokee County all reported sightings in residential areas.

« They are very intelligent and intelligent animals, and they have a very sensitive sense of smell, so they can find and secure food using their sense of smell very well, » Nitschke said. Said.

If they find a food source there, the bears have a good chance of returning to the same places they did in previous years. If you had a vision or a problem in the last year, the Department of Natural Resources recommends that you take steps to eliminate anything that might attract bears or other wildlife. This includes preserving and recycling your trash, removing bird feeders, keeping pet food inside, and deep cleaning and storing the grill.

There are other wildlife species that you might see more of at this time of year because they too have their offspring.

Snakes may also be more likely to appear in the spring. Nitschke says the chance of encountering a venomous snake is very low, especially in suburban or urban areas.

You can still take simple steps to prevent them from coming into your garden, though.

« Some of the things you can do is keep your lawn mown. Don’t leave any piles of rubble or garden litter to give them shelter, » he said.

In general, Nitschke says, if you leave animals alone, they should do the same for you.

« If they serve a purpose and aren’t hurting us, they’re not acting funny, they’re not sick, and they’re not injured in some way, then they’re going to move on, keep doing their job, » he said.

If there is an animal causing a problem or not looking well, you can go to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources website,, to learn the best way to deal with different species or to seek help.


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