Avalanche at Pointe du Hoc, the high place of the D-Day landing


We learned from identical sources that a large section of the escarpment of Point du Hoc (Calvados), symbolic of the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944, collapsed on Friday.

« Due to the gradual erosion of the Pointe du Hoc, part of the prominence overlooking the English Channel has collapsed today (Friday). No one was injured in the landslide, which fell into the sea, and there is no danger to visitors,” he refers in a press release to the American Monuments Commission (ABMC), a US public body that administers the site under a treaty dating back to 1956.

« Pointe du Hoc’s cultural landscape is in danger»

An Agence France-Presse photographer pointed out that there were 100 tourists in the sun and took pictures of the side of a cliff that had been swept by waves. « We have known since 2011 that Pointe du Hoc’s cultural landscape is in danger due to cliff erosionSaid Scott Desjardins, superintendent of the American Cemetery in Normandy and Pointe-du-Hoc, was quoted in the ABMC press release.

« We continue to study the situation to find ways to mitigate the risks and preserve the site while continuing to tell the heroic story of presenter James E. Röder and his men climbed cliffs on June 6, 1944 to aid in the successful Allied landing in Normandy‘, he adds.

« Stripping« drifts »Since its inception»

225 guards climbed to the point over 25 meters high on June 6, 1944 under German fire in unpleasant weather conditions. 90 just made it. According to Régis Lemary, Deputy Delegate for Normandy at the Coastal Conservatory that owns the site, this phenomenon was expected because « These cliffs have been eroding since their inception« .

« Ten years ago, we agreed with the Americans and State Services that the purpose of strengthening the cliffside of Pointe du Hoc was to slow erosion but not to stop it in any way. The site is no longer what it was in 1944Regis Lemari said.

« We are emblematic of what many coasts in Normandy and elsewhere are witnessing as erosion accelerates‘, is explained. Pointe du Hoc receives approximately 500,000 visitors annually.

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