Philosopher Dominique Lecourt dies


Dominique Lecourt, in Paris, on October 13, 2015.

Philosopher Dominique Lecourt was born on February 5, 1944 in Paris, and died on the 1Verse May, at Lariboisière Hospital in Paris. With him disappears the author of a prolific work, strong of forty volumes, focusing primarily on the relations between philosophy and scientific thought or medical thought, but also a figure of edition and cultural institutions that have left their mark in recent decades.

Normaline was trained on Ulm Street by three major philosophers. Louis Althusser was his teacher at the École Normale Supérieure, which first prompted him to engage for a while in the fight against the Maoists in the years 1960-1970, and later became the legal representative of Louis Althusser, after the murder of his wife. In 1980. George Kangwielhem, physician and philosopher, directed his thesis on Historical epistemology by Gaston Bachelard He made this first book, which was published by Vrin in 1969. Finally, his thesis was supervised by François Dagonet, also a physician and philosopher, Ranking and gamespublished by Grasset in 1981.

Dominique Lecourt’s main preoccupation, which will be expressed in various forms in all his works, has been to analyze the relationships between knowledge and society today, while trying to correct them. In the wake of Bachelard and Kangwillhm, he was really keen to thwart the misunderstandings, ideological traps, and political or religious exploitation of knowledge, on which the world today is more than ever the scene. In this spirit, he studied in particular the quarrel of creation (America between the Bible and DarwinPUF, 1992) and rose up against the misdeeds of catastrophe and anti-tech apocalypse, from 1990 with against fear (PUF), and back in 2009 with era of fear (Bayard).

Influencing the course of ideas

Another aspect of this desire to work prompted him to develop teaching tools, particularly many of them What I Know ? And many encyclopedias and dictionaries, reprinted several times in pocket format, such asEncyclopedia of science (Paperback, 1998), Dictionary of History and Philosophy of Science (PUF, 1999) or Medical Thought Dictionary (PUF, 2004). The pamphlet wasn’t upset with him either, his attack on « Philosophers of Media »Those who were with him only compared to their elders poor thinkers (Flamrion, 1999).

Dominique Lecourt wanted, in a thousand ways, to be an advocate for philosophy and for its singularities and capacities for action. This prompted him to conceive and establish an atypical institution in 1984 with François Chatelet, Jean-Pierre Faye and Jacques Derrida, the International College of Philosophy. Hence this involved him in multiple institutional activities, particularly in the field of distance education, the National Center for Scientific Research, and the Observatory of the Precautionary Principle.

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